2024 4th International Conference on Social Development and Media Communication (SDMC 2024)

Call For Papers

Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ Social Development

· New era theory and thought

· Social governance innovation

· Sociology and development

· Media, information and communication

· Media communication for cultural inheritance and development

· The impact of media communication on social economy

· The influence of media communication on art

· The inspiration of media communication to literary creation

· The promotion of media communication to education

· Media development and media culture

· The reality and future trend of media industry

· Sustainable economic development

· Inheritance and dissemination of language and culture

· Esports gaming and mass media communication

· The impact of social development on media communication

◕ Media Communication

· Media communication and news communication

· The relationship between social development and news communication

· Internet and new media

· The rise and application of we-media

· Cross-cultural communication

· The use of multimedia in school classroom

· Education innovation and reform in intelligent age

· Application of artificial intelligence in education

· The influence of Internet and media on society

· The conflict between Internet celebrity culture and traditional media

· Live delivery and economic development

· Stars and social media communication

· Branding, Advertising and media communication

· Technical means of media communication

· Research on the influence of media communication on social development